Cost-effective measures to improve

health, comfort and savings.

With your audit report in hand, we help you determine the best course of action for you and your budget. As a single-source home performance provider, we handle the design and installation of your energy improvement project. This single vendor approach saves time and money, and ensures you receive the highest quality results through a verification process.

Weatherization Services

Immediate results will include:

  • A safe, comfortable, and draft-reduced home
  • Enhanced indoor air quality to protect your family’s health
  • Lower heating and cooling bills
  • Improved home durability and reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced incidence of pests entering the home
  • Reduced or eliminated moisture issues
  • Increased resale value
  • Reduced carbon footprint

K2 Weatherization’s scope of services:

Insulation: There are numerous types of insulation. Our tests determine what your best options are; including environmentally friendly blown cellulose, fiberglass batts, open and closed-cell spray foam, and foam board. Most homes have insufficient insulation and many have no insulation at all. K2 adds high quality insulation, in walls, attics and crawl spaces to ensure your home has the strong thermal envelope it needs.

Air Sealing: Airsealing helps reduce outdoor air pollutants from entering your home through basements, wall cavities and attics. Most homes are poorly sealed and have air infiltration and exfiltration problems. K2 thoroughly seals cracks, crevices and holes in the interior and exterior of the home with high-grade spray foam and calking. As an example, a common problem we address is recessed lights that allow conditioned air to escape into the attic during the heating season and hot, unconditioned air to infiltrate in from the attic during the cooling season. Homeowners are often surprised to learn how much air loss occurs at a variety of these locations.

Window & Door Replacement: Replacing windows, doors and patio doors with new ENERGY STAR® qualified models reduces heating and cooling load, improves comfort, reduces noise, protects furniture and carpets from fading, and adds curb appeal. K2 can replace your old, leaky windows, HOWEVER window replacement should be considered with care. Our auditors support window replacement when the homeowner’s primary reasons are comfort, functionality, aesthetics and home resale. The simple payback on window replacement is 3-5x longer than air sealing and insulation measures due to the cost of material and installation. Window replacement would only make the top of the list for energy saving measures if no other inefficiencies exist.

Duct Sealing: In conjunction with a blower door, we use pressure pans to determine where your duct system leaks so we can seal the leaks and reduce air loss and energy waste. Our focus is on HVAC duct leakage outside of the building envelope. Leaky ducts in attics and crawlspaces have a greater effect on energy loss, poor indoor air quality, and overall home comfort.